The “Not sure what a first post on my public blog should be” -Post

I’ve never exactly been the spokesperson for “blogging” or “girls who write about their feelings. I’ve never taken an AP english course in high school although I was placed in the advanced college classes. I tend to use what my english teacher called “dangling modifiers” and “incorrect sentence structure” on nearly all of my papers. But since I was young all the things I’ve actually wanted to say or tell people, always sound better on a piece of paper, written down, spelled out and more real than the jumble of stutters that come out of my mouth.

Words are complicated. For some, it is so easy to just explode and not think about what you’re saying and how it affects someone else. They become careless with their words. Sometimes, the things we say are misconstrued and twisted into something we didn’t actually mean. For me, words are everything. They are significant because they’ve always meant something to me. To speak with a purpose, to truly mean and believe in what I say to people is one of the things I do like about myself. A carefully put together collection of thoughts and feelings is what I am. (Also lots of song lyrics and Spongebob quotes.)
Writing means alot to me, I believe it reaches people in a way that face to face communication has completely worn down.  Almost as if  somehow lost its true value and it makes people uncomfortable to write down their thoughts for the world to see. I also have a private Tumblr page that is obviously more intimate than what I will post on this page.

My hopes for this account is for a me to promote a more proffesional type of writing. To get myself out there and maybe even offer a place for people to look at from time to time.

I am no expert, I am no star pupil. But I write, often and with a purpose.

I hope to help others with my words and that’s all I really want to accomplish. So, here goes nothing.



Launched in 2014 as a community for creative thinkers, bloggers, and those with eyes and an open heart, this CaraFranMin is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from around Pittsburgh. My hopes for this account is to promote a more honest, and raw type of writing among young people. To speak up about the things that aren't always easy to talk about, and to get real with others. I've always loved telling, sharing, and writing stories. The way I see it--This is what life is all about- human connection and how our passion molds us into the people we become. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, those who go the distance and follow their true calling. Any chance to get to know others better, make them feel inspired or turn their day around, I'm in. Some noteworthy things about me include: There is a constant stream of song lyrics going through my mind at all times. I'm an avid people watcher. An overly friendly introvert. Die hard Coffee lover and expert "I KNOW THIS SONG" -er. And I am obsessed with my Golden Retriever, Theodore. Catch me at Carnegie Coffee Company on the weekends, or somewhere floating on my paddleboard around the Burgh.

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