The never ending rant and Ballad of what Love could possibly be.

I’ve been sitting at this computer staring at the screen for about 15 minutes now. Of all the things that I’ve been through, seen, and done, I think about the word love and cringe but feel this really good sense of comfort at the same time. That’s the best way I can describe it. Loving someone is a paradox. It can be the easiest, or most painful thing in the world. But it is worth it. Love is always worth it.
It is laughing and talking in weird voices at 1 a.m, refusing to fall asleep because you don’t know if you’re going to be this happy or content in the morning.

It’s that punch in the gut when you are faced with a choice and have no clue what to do. It’s when you think of what would be best for the other person, when you put yourself second.

It is slow dancing in an abandoned gazebo and singing bad renditions of your favorite songs. Not caring how bad you sound or who sees.

Sometimes it’s that whisper in the back of your mind that says “I want this.” other times it’s a shout into the void. “I want that.”

Love is sharing. It’s actually listening to lyrics in a song and immediately having someone in your mind and not saying “Ewwwwww” when people kiss in movies anymore.

It is doodling on the side of your paper in class, blatantly ignoring a lecture and thinking about kissing someone or how your heart skipped a couple beats when you heard someone saying their name in class.

Love is holding and not wanting to let go. Love is also letting go and hoping whatever you let go of, comes back to you.

Love is also not knowing what the hell to do when it comes back to you, but feeling safe.

Love is being hurt and instead of wanting revenge, trying to understand who hurt you.

Love is smart and doesn’t settle for mediocre. Love doesn’t ask for much, but it doesn’t let “…good enough.” be good enough.

Love is pain. Sweet and wild pain you want again and again.

Love is looking at someone and just knowing. i.e Love at first sight, the feeling you get when you’re about to take that first bite into a buritto.

Love is calm, love is paitient. Love is not selfish. It is not self seeking. (See my favorite Bible verse in Corinthians.)

Love protects, love waits. Love never in any way serves any form of Hate.

Love is someone who understands and wants to know every dusty corner of your mixed up soul. Love knows just what to do to make you feel better, Love knows how to fix you.

Love may not always stay for too long, but breathe in every minute of it while you can still hold it in your hands. Say goodbye sweetly and let go gracefully. Forgiveness is perhaps the greatest form of Love there is I think.

Love is a single mother working two jobs and still makes time to make it to her child’s soccer game. Love is two senior citizens who have been through hell and back, only to be sure of one thing; all that matters is each other. Love is keeping a promise. Love is looking past mistakes. Love is the Dog laying at the edge of your bed every night. Love is a bubble in a bottle of champagne. Love is the burning feeling you get in your face. Love is butterflies in your stomach. Love is stuttering and ruining a punchline because someone makes you nervous enough. Love is taking a risk and saying “I messed up, I need you. I miss you.”

Love is laughter, singing in the shower. (not well, I might add.) Love has so many forms. We love love because it is the closest thing that this damn world has to magic. It is worth something. I hope you all have something and someone to love today. It might be a passion you have, a person, a friend.

If there is someone you want to love, something you want to say, say it.

Love is sacrifice.

Love is soft.

Love is madness.

Love is




Launched in 2014 as a community for creative thinkers, bloggers, and those with eyes and an open heart, this CaraFranMin is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from around Pittsburgh. My hopes for this account is to promote a more honest, and raw type of writing among young people. To speak up about the things that aren't always easy to talk about, and to get real with others. I've always loved telling, sharing, and writing stories. The way I see it--This is what life is all about- human connection and how our passion molds us into the people we become. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, those who go the distance and follow their true calling. Any chance to get to know others better, make them feel inspired or turn their day around, I'm in. Some noteworthy things about me include: There is a constant stream of song lyrics going through my mind at all times. I'm an avid people watcher. An overly friendly introvert. Die hard Coffee lover and expert "I KNOW THIS SONG" -er. And I am obsessed with my Golden Retriever, Theodore. Catch me at Carnegie Coffee Company on the weekends, or somewhere floating on my paddleboard around the Burgh.

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