Black and White.


All drawings were done by me during a week’s time by using a B&W approach and black ballpoint pen. I was at Starbucks idly doodling away when a woman named Amy approached me out of the blue. She then explained she was an art therapist at UPMC and asked if I had been Zen Tangling all my life. Completely unaware of this type of drawing, I looked up the meaning behind Zen Tangles and was shocked to know I had been doing this on the side of notes for years, never realizing there was a (how I put it) name for what I do in my spare time.


Zen Tangling is an artistic method fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns and then repeating then over a small or large sheet of paper. Who knew tedious, mindless doodling was so relaxing and sortakinda famous? I certainly didn’t.







Launched in 2014 as a community for creative thinkers, bloggers, and those with eyes and an open heart, this CaraFranMin is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from around Pittsburgh. My hopes for this account is to promote a more honest, and raw type of writing among young people. To speak up about the things that aren't always easy to talk about, and to get real with others. I've always loved telling, sharing, and writing stories. The way I see it--This is what life is all about- human connection and how our passion molds us into the people we become. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, those who go the distance and follow their true calling. Any chance to get to know others better, make them feel inspired or turn their day around, I'm in. Some noteworthy things about me include: There is a constant stream of song lyrics going through my mind at all times. I'm an avid people watcher. An overly friendly introvert. Die hard Coffee lover and expert "I KNOW THIS SONG" -er. And I am obsessed with my Golden Retriever, Theodore. Catch me at Carnegie Coffee Company on the weekends, or somewhere floating on my paddleboard around the Burgh.

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